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Shawn Farley Black

Friday, July 30, 2010

A new Addition 2 to..........3

Well...... where have I been the last 2 weeks you may ask???????...Well, It seems we now have a new addition to the herd.  Two weeks ago my neighbor brought me a found dachshund....poor thing had been wondering around Ocean Blvd.  After 2 weeks of trying to find the owner  (and what effort that took!) and with no calls, the little guy has become part of the family.  My husband has really taken to the little fellow and he to him.  Last night they took a long walk down to the ocean...........both to return invigorated (which was great! since the girls tend to hang with me).  The other furries were not happy at first but now they seem to have adapted to his......well....very happy personality.  My husband and I keep going back and forth on names. Its down to Bud (Buddy) or Sam.   I like Bud..............he just seems like a buddy.

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