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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Starry Night by Zoe

Ok ....this has to be my favorite piece thus far by Ms. Zoe (hmmm...not sure about that).  As I mentioned earlier we took a trip to see a Van Gogh show in Palos Verdes.....or rather a show 'Just Like Van Gogh'.  They were not actual Van Gogh paintings but pieces done after Van Gogh's masterpieces.  Zoe decided to do her own version of 'Starry Night'.  Today she completed that version.  Her use of color and texture is fabulous, as is her grasp of mixing colors with confidence.

 I love her focus and concentration
as she goes about mixing and working.

  I am very proud of her.
Zoe....you did another masterpiece!

          I have a new student whose enthusiasm and eagerness to learn is a pleasure.  He wants to learn how to paint animals, plants,  still-lifes and portraits.   Last week we worked on a tiger. Not bad for a beginner! I can't wait to see how he presents the subtleties of color, light and texture in a painting.                        
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