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Friday, March 30, 2012

'Stargazer Lilies' by Zoe Paoli

   Zoe is setting up for a new oil painting which will be a 20"+24".  First she is laying out her composition in charcoal on tissue paper.  Once the composition is worked out she will transfer it onto a canvas and then start painting working out her shapes and values. She'll be working from a live still life and from photos of the lilies taken from different angles.  The drawing itself came out very nice.

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'Barney' portrait is complete!

   Chloe has finished her first portrait, 'Barney'...of her mini lab.  Done in homage to Henri Rousseu.  Chloe mixed all the oil colors herself......good job for her first oil painting!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Dr. S Dessert painting

  Dr. S just started this painting of a dessert scene, which is a combination of  5 different shots of the same area.  The canvas is about 3'+4'.  He is working from a series of photos to bring together his own vision of  the area.  Dr. S is working off a grid pattern from a smaller color study he did along with the photos.  It will be a challenge to bring it all together.  A place that exists but not exactly.

In homage to 'Poplars on the Banks of Epte, Claude Monet

 Elyse is doing an oil painting after a Monet painting done in 1891.  The painting is of poplar trees on a beautiful summers day.  She just began to lay in the sky...learning how to variate the blues from light to dark using her brush in a cross hatch and stipple technique.                                                                             Elyse really captured the colors perfectly.
Three Poplar Trees in the AutumnThree Poplar Trees in the Autumn by Monet

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brett and Van Gogh's Cypress trees

  Brett just finished his 2nd painting after Van Gogh's cypress trees.  The first one at the top right was done in acrylics which he learned to mix color using water based paints.  Brett was able to make both his primary and secondary colors based off of his color wheel which he made a few weeks ago.
  Brett's 2nd painting below after the same Van Gogh painting, was done in oils. Brett learned how to mix color using oil colors and linseed oil, which has a completely different feel when mixing and painting.
  Just a few more finishing touches and he's all done.  Should make a nice gift!

  Good job Brett!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chloe's painting after Rousseau, 'Portrait of Barney'

  Chloe is almost done painting her dog, Barney.  Today she worked on the blue sky and the mountains. Learning how to blend oil colors in a cris cross pattern transitioning from dark to light.  Learning subtle gradiation of color.

  Almost done......with a little magic pixy dust thrown in for the flowers of Spring.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Barney a la Rousseau.

after 1891

'Fight Between a Tiger and a Buffalo'

By Henri Rousseau

My 6 year old is working on this oil painting which is after a piece by Henri Rousseau, called 'Lion's Repast' (which hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art), instead of a lion we have put in her Labrador, Barney.  Chloe is doing a fantastic job............next week we will fill in the forest.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Recent works of aspiring artists.

 Mono-cromatic painting ....the power of the q-tip.
Working the wheel


                         Minimalist self portrait
Sister to sister

Artist in the making