Welcome to Miss Shawn's Studio.

"Come enjoy the work of some of my students as they learn to visualize, draw, paint and appreciate the fine art of painting."

Shawn Farley Black

Monday, May 24, 2010


Z as in Zoey.......is one of my younger painters and I have to say she delights me each time she enters my studio.  Her enthusiasm and confidence is to be admired as is her sweetness.  Zoey is a joy with a capital J.
This piece is called, 'Painting' and I had nothing to do with it .  Zoey copied the caligraphy from a magazine.  Zoey picked the colors to do it in and set up the size and proportion of the image.  It is perfect......right down to her signature.


Patti is finishing up her 'Orchid' which really came out fun.  I am always amazed at the images she chooses.  She has a good eye for the abstract and her color sense is quite good, however she is a bit of a messy painter and I always worry she will get paint on herself or ............?  I hope she keeps this piece, ..she is very hard on herself and a few of her works have ended up in the alley.

A Difficult Still Life

Dr. S is working on a new painting.  A still life.......cups and saucers.  Which is actually quite difficult considering the proportion of the saucers.  We set up an actually still life.  He is doing the charcoal drawing first before we move into laying in the oil on canvas.  He is very exact and careful in his work which I admire.  His last piece........'Still life of a Lemon' came out beautiful.............I love the use of light...he captured it perfectly.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Trip to Sayulita, Mexico

We just returned from Sayulita, Mexico.  Such a beautiful little fishing village North of Puerto Vallarta.  The landscape inspires so many ideas for paintings!  Where does one begin!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Girls......aka "the Furries"

These are my "Furries". My two beautiful long hair dachies.   They add a lot of fun to the studio and my younger students love playing with them. Even my older students enjoy the many gifts the girls bring to them when they are creating.  Ms. Lili and Sally a.k.a. SweetPea (Mother and daughter). We did have a 3rd........Bob a.k.a. 'The Little Man', he was our 17 year old smooth, which just recently we let go into God's hands..........I am sure he is having a great time playing ball.

My Studio

I've decided its time to start the blog I've always wanted to do, showing the workings of my studio and my wonderfully creative students. Over the years I have created hundreds of paintings, glass works and drawings in this studio.  Most recently I have started to teach.  Much to my surprise I have come to really enjoy the process.  I learn soooooooo much from my students and hopefully they learn much from me.