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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zoey's Friends and Self-Portrait

    I love these two pieces.  The one right above is a self-portrait by Zoey (which is her first one ever....Zoey is 11 years old) and the piece at the top is a portrait of Zoey's friends.  I love Zoey's self portrait for its mono chromatic simplicity.  It really does look like her as you will see later.  She worked from a mirror in charcoal on canvas board.  I was going to have her do a full color portrait but when she got to this point both her Mom and I thought it was just perfect as it was.  The piece is an 11+14 oil and charcoal on canvas.  I think it is one of her best.
   The painting above is a gift Zoey did for her friend.  The girls are all going to different schools next year and her friend ask Zoey to do a portrait of them so she would have it as a keepsake.  Zoey worked from a photo of the girls (Zoey is in the middle) and we kept it more a characterization of the girls.  She really enjoyed doing it......and I just love the freckles.

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Vivienne said...

What a talented young lady!