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Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip To New Jersey and NY

I just returned from a terrific trip to New Jersey and New York..........Manhattan, to see my family.  Oh the weather was fabulous!  The landscape was soooooooo lush.  In the reservation/park by my aunt's house in Springfield NJ we saw deer that would come within 5 yards of you and turtles sunning themselves on the many logs that drifted in the river. 
I only get  to visit my aunt, who has survived lung cancer, once every few years and this trip was a treat. My sister flew in from Chicago after being delayed up to 4 hours!  O' Hare can be a nightmare. My Mom and her sister are identical twins and its amazing how they still look alike and act alike in so many ways. 
I did not have my sketch book but I took many pictures over the week both in the city and out in 'The Country' as we call it.  The Red Leaf Maple in my aunt's front yard is one of my favorite trees. 

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