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Shawn Farley Black

Monday, June 14, 2010

Patti's Charcoals

These are some of Patti's very first charcoals. Done on an 18+24 newsprint sketch pad in charcoal. The woman at the top was done first.  I love the way Patti did her hair and how you can almost see her eyes.  The one in the middle is a still-life she did of calla lilies.  The leaves are very expressive!   At first, I had Patti do an exercise of working an orb and a gray scale, catching the feel of light. Patti has a wonderful hand with charcoal and is very comfortable working this medium. This piece is actually my favorite.  I can just imagine it 10 times bigger! either the orb or the scale.  It would be  fabulous!....something you could look at for hours.

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