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Shawn Farley Black

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Good Start! Not Bad!

One of my new students is learning to draw and recognize the full range of values (lights to darks) in a still-life.  Her first black and white charcoals she did well.  We started with a still-life of a lemon and then moved onto 2 overlapping peaches, both working in charcoal. This is her first oil painting of a grapefruit.  We kept it to a limited palette of yellow, white and black (however we did not have black so we used brown).  At first she worked on a couple of charcoal drawings of the grapefruit to understand the play of light (values).  Rachele's use of charcoal is good, she has a light touch and listens well.  This week for homework, she will finish her first still-life of a grapefruit in oil on canvas board.  I can't wait to see it!


Nuni said...

This is wonderful work! Your new student is very talented!

Vivienne said...

She may have had to substitute with brown, but she's lucky to have Black for a teacher!